Features of The App

We understand how important it is to have a mobile app today since the mobile usage has increased in the past five years and it has become more influencing and used in every business. therefore; we have created our own with the following features

Full Control

Using Quantum’s app enables you to have full control over your trading account, you can pause, resume trading activities anytime you desire.

Ultra-High Privacy Policy

We take security very seriously. Thus; our database is highly secured and we do not share information of our clients with any third party.


App has been made to enable our clients to monitor their accounts min-by-min. you can check DD and daily profits without any hassle


App Screen

Our Structure & Backend

The mobile app is connected with MT4/MT5 trading account and our backend system. The whole solution is connected together and it has 0.02 MS delay, it is almost ZERO. So all operations are constantly live.


Quantum’s Dashboard

What brokers need to know?

Quantum Trading has designed its structure to onboard both (Retail and Corporate) clients. the company understand the concerns of brokers, therefore; security measures have taken accordingly

  • Brokers’ clients do not need a KYC
  • Payments are done by the Brokers
  • Brokers are not required to reveal clients’ details
  • Setup is done by Quantum’s Team or Broker or the client
  • Quantum Does not market for any broker.
  • Brokers get a 50% discount when licenses exceed 50.