Key Values

Premium Brokers

Quantum Trading has signed several deals and special offers with major brokers in the industry, we handpick our brokers to protect clients’ funds

Rich Experience

Our teams come from different professional background, we have an accumulated experience of over 20 years in the field.

Advanced Technology

We made sure that everything is easy to our clients, technology today is the key to a successful business, that’s why we invested in it.

Trading Formulas

We came up with the most reliable formulas for money management, we totally understand that clients want steady profits with the minimum risk



A unique approach traders can benefit from

When you choose Quantum, you will be getting the followings

Quantum offers a live report via its mobile app. It shows the current profits, drawdown, trades and more info on the account.

Traders are able to pause, stop and resume trading, all is simply done via the mobile app, you can toggle to resume or pause.

We believe that traders must get the most profits, therefore; Quantum charges only 10% performance fees.

It is super easy to enroll, sign up, subscribe and then connect your trading account and access it via our mobile app.

Why Not Brokers can join us?

Brokers can attract more clients by offering our service exclusively to their traders.

Full Privacy: Quantum Trading offers a full-privacy plan that enables brokers to have blank accounts and without exposing their clients details.

The trader is only allowed one license per account, multiple accounts cannot be using same license.

Brokers can either offers free licenses to their clients, or they can purchase the license from the broker.

Brokers can be provided with an API and a dashboard to manage clients and their enrollment.

Quantum’s Exclusive Tech

Our experts have come from different backgrounds that enabled us to establish this company today. We come from financial and technical backgrounds that we mixed and came up with this. We understood the importance of technology and the integration of automation.

Quantum Trading Signal System (QTSS) is managed by both humans and robots

Our market analysis consists of many layers, we process technical, fundamental and quantitative analysis live and around the clock

The results are tested and get processed by many factors and possible scenarios until they get approved and start to make sense.

The In-Depth Filtration is what makes signal stronger, because it eliminates all weak and bugged readings by the earlier process

Result are shown in the internal system, and then it get delivered to the log and the transferred through APIs to the MT4 to executes the signals.

Trading Items

Allocation of our trading signals and Portfolio

Start Time


Business Type


Trading Strategy

Swing Trading

Account Opened



Max 10%

No. Staff


Made Profits




Annual Target


Min Account



Joining Quantum Trading firm is simple and easy, because simplicity what makes things work best. Therefore; you can easily follow those steps.

Social Media

Follow us on social media and stay up to date. We keep on posting our latest news and results day by day

Our Favorite Currencies

At Quantum Trading, we do trade it all, but here are our favorite items

Australian Dollar Vs U.S Dollar
Euro Vs Japanese Yen
EURO Vs U.S Dollar
British Pound Vs Dollar
U.S Dollar Vs Swiss Franc
U.S Dollar Vs Japanese Yen
Our Trusted Brokers

Highly Recommended

You can open a new trading account with any of our highly recommended brokers. We chose the best broker for you

Accuindex (Dubai)
MultiBank (Dubai)
Orbex (Cyprus)
ICM Capital (U.K)


In case you still have inquires, then please check out our FAQs, and if you still have unanswered questions, then feel free to get in touch with us

What is Quantum Trading?

Quantum Trading is a money management firm that provides traders with a solution to copy trades from its own system

Your trading account can be with any company you already deal with or you choose. We do not interfere with your decision. Choose the broker that suits you best.

First, you need to sign up, subscribe for the service and then you will be able to connect to the system. It literally takes less than 5 mins.

There are too many reasons behind choosing and preferring Quantum Trading to other firms which are: (Low subscription cost, Low Management Fees, Stead Results, Rich Experience in Money Management, You can cancel or stop anytime, and above all, you have full control and monitoring your account via a mobile app)

What is the Minimum Account You Take?

Minimum account size must have at least $5,000

It depends on the plan you choose, we have Conservative, Moderate and Turbo Plans. You can see the comparison among the plans and choose what suits you best.

Yes you can… it is up to you, you have full control over your account.

If your subscription expires then the service would stop. Your account won’t be able to copy trades unless you renew your subscription again.

Can I open an account with any broker I choose?

Yes. It is up to you.

We have listed few brokers we deal with on the website that you can choose from.

We prefer to work with 1:200 leverage.

Stop Out Level must be at least 15%

Yes, you can.

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